Model Railroad Project Form

Model Railroad Project Form

Our professional model train layout services really set us apart from just other resellers.

American Eagle Railroad Group creates customizable large and small layouts based on modular templates of our own design. If you’ve always wanted to build your own custom railroad empire but the thought of bench work and wiring, have kept you from starting, or if traditional custom layout builders are just too expensive, then American Eagle Railroad Group is the perfect solution for you. To help identify your level of need in designing a new Model Railroad Construction project, AER Group has this questionnaire to utilize as a starting block in making your model railroad dream come true. You can fill out the Getting Started Questionnaire below to get started today!

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How did you hear about our organization?
Your Operating Needs
What scale are you interested In?
What season do you want to model?
What ratio of scenery would you like?
Your Operating Space & Location
(e.g. Basement, Bedroom, or Office Lobby)
How much operating space is available?
How much isle space is available? (Min. 30")
How high do you want the display to be?
How would you like your layout to be delivered?
Will you be picking your layout up at our shop?
Will you be needing a shipping quotation?
Are you interested in delivery & setup services?
Your Layout & Design
What type of layout do you want to build?
If you want a design from a book or magazine:
What type of rolling stock or motor power will you be running on your layout?
Large Considerations
Medium Considerations
Small Considerations
What type of operation do you want to run?
What type of controls will you be running
Who will be operating your trains and layout?
What type of experience do you or others have in operating model railroads?
What type of table concealment would you like?
What other services would you like?
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